JULY 2017

Under Construction!

After many years of essentially just letting janekeeler.com sit here in a very early 2000s non-reactive (pre tablet and smartphone) structure, I've decided to bring it into the 21st century and update it to a responsive version. I am also dealing with the fact that Photobucket - the formerly free photo-hosting site, where I had hosted photos for ALL of my travel blogs for over a decade - has suddenly decided to charge nearly $40/mo for hosting. This means that (at the moment) if you click on most of my blog links, you will find that most of my photos are dead. I am not going to pay $40/mo for photo hosting, so I am currently in the process of changing over my photos to a new host. This is a long, slow process, so please bear with me. All of my travel stories are still available, although obviously they work better with photographs. Additionally, I am still working on updating this entire site, so many of the pages are incomplete, contain broken links, or contain the "gibberish" that came with the site template I am using. Again, please bear with me - I hope to have everything up and runing as soon as possible.